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I lay awake,

 The events of the day flash through my mind,

 playing back to me.... RE-WIND.

 The conversations I had, The things that I saw.

 The visions I see, Hurt me right at the core.

 The beggar that begged. The proposition I passed.

 Little girls don't jump rope. Out here shaking their ass.

 The boys on the wall. The heads come to cop.

 The cars riding pass. Blasting latest hip-hop.

 The boarded up buildings. The kids dressed like twins.

 Twist, jeans, and white tees, talking bout hittin' skins.

 The overwhelmed mothers. The absence of dad

. I think twice bout bad reference to the childhood I had.

 I tell myself to sleep. But it's not quite that simple.

 I close my eyes tight. But my hand starts to tremble.

 Sleeps what I need, yet inside still I fight.

 I must release all these feelings, I just have to..


 Write.... Write...

 Write... I Just have to........write


©Benjamin Casey 2006


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