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Confrontation on the Metro

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Turn back theclock for a moment

Rewind that shyte for a minute

You wanna argue me down? Justify your thoughtless eye

You wish it was that simple

see you wanna remember negativity in me

But wash away what you did to me

You can't run from your past, It haunts you

It shows on you like a Good Times marathon

Big Mama always told me

and 2 this day it's true

There are 3 sides 2 a story

Yours, mine, and the truth

Look at you now all done up and brand new

Not the same person I met,Weren't you

in a shelter with son in tow?

Seem just like yesterday,

You don't remember that though

I saw potential in you

just waiting to come out

>Simma down! now Simma down!<

No need for you to shout

>You say you didn't need it<

But you didn't turn it down

I made sure you ate and while you were at school

I was holding lil' man down

Hell, I paid 4 you 2 go

connected you with the folks

Now you "Gubment" now 2 good 4 me

Laughing at all those stupid jokes

I remember when,

Your hair aint look so nice

I paid for the shampoo,curl, and style because of fear of lice

>And your first place you say?<

Please- Do you recall

Besides daycare 4 your son

I was paying 4 it all

Big mama used to tell me

and to this day it's true

There are 2 sides to a story

Yours, mine and the truth

I should've saw it back then

I could've prevented allthe drama

You jumping on my car

Right in front of my Big Mama

>Oh, You were pressed back then!<

Yeah, You were something

Getting mad because of time with my son

but with yours it was nothing

I overlooked the rage in you

blindsided by my love

I wanted 2 show you everything,

The things that you dreamed of

Remember Cozumel--St. Martin

Got married in Negril

But by then you were listening to your friends

saying"It aint no Big Deal"

>Yeah, I admit I wasn't always there<

But what was I supposed to do? I had to provide,you said it yourself,

"I work 4 both me and you"

Big mama always told me

and 2 this day it's true

There are 3 sides to a story

Yours, mine, and the truth

The American Dream we had,

The house, the trips, the cars

But inside we died the dream deferred

Married life became a farce

You'd come home and complain

- ahem-excuse me- compare

Theire husband do this,I don't know how you Dared!!

Then to top it all off,

The time that we could share

You were out with the "new friends"

Leaving lil' man in my care

>You don't have to tell me what I was 'posed to do!<

I loved him like my own and if you did

He would now be with you

You'll pay when he is grown

>That's why I took your money!<

Look at how you sound

Like anyone on here would say

"I got to have her" now

>Would I take you Back?!<

Your sick!

That ship has long since sailed

The day you lied/said I hit you

The day that I got jailed

Big mama always told me

and 2 this day it's true

There are 3 sides to a story

Yours, mine, and the truth

Your as fake as they come

I know it now

But when separated for the first year

3x's a month you would come to get laid

just trying to keep me near

Again I was blinded,

Took you back in the house,

Thinking all of the nonsense would cease

But after one week I found out you'd only came back

because it was the end of your lease

You were spoiled.It's my fault

I can shoulder all the blame

But now you can't make it on your own

and that's a gd shame

Upset that I no loger wanted you

Like we were something divine

>Yeah, I gave you half when I sold the house<

2 be without you suits me fine

I'm all better now

I found me again, Back 2 writing,my music..
>Oh you heard?!<

B. not Ben

>Yeah, I speak from experience and tell the whole story<

To me it only makes since

I'm happy now, You helped me out

a substance out of conflict

-Well, This is my stop

2 years since the divorce

I'm glad to end this page

<--And as the door was closing, with the sound of Bing- boom

She stated "Damn, you done changed"

Big mama always told me

and on this day it was true

There are 3 sides to a story

Yours -mine

and the truth


©Benjamin Casey 2006

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