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Why'd You Leave Me

So tell me
Why'd you leave me
When I needed you most in my life
Why'd you leave me
I suffered so much heartache and strife
Why'd you leave me
When I needed that model in my life
Why'd you leave me
Up and gone in the middle of the night

So much that I have missed out on
Yet you're the one being selfish
Saying that it was you who missed out
You're supposed to be the one
With whom I shared all my dreams and wishes
My confidant, one of my best friends
At the age of seven it seemed to hit a dead end
Feels like it was me you opted to forget
Now you tell me and everyone else
That I was your favorite
But if I was your pride and joy
Why'd you leave me
You try to come back in my life as a man
When I needed you most as a boy

She told you to shape up or ship out
My main memory of you is that phrase
And till this day I remain amazed
You let your ship set sail and you dipped out
You made me feel as if I had failed
Because after a year you stopped coming around
Though at time making a few cameos
But alas you've been gone so long
I don't even know you now
Yet you seek this relationship
I'm like WTF, please tell me how

I look at my life and all my successes
I look at life and all my failures
This is in part because of you
I actually learned how to rise from the ashes
Then I look at my beautiful daughters
And I realize that I could never do to them
What it was that you did to me
They shouldn't have to deal with this pain and agony
Right now you're reaching out
Pleading to be a part of my life
And this I can't tell you when or if I will allow
All I can say is Dad not right now

¥☼MOI☼¥  15 May 07

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