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All an Old Cowboy Needs

                 All an Old Cowboy Needs

Sittin your horse tall on a mesa
As the west bound sun sinks behind the mountains
Its last rays settin the sweet purple sage aglow
The noisy creak of your saddle leather
Spooks a prairie dog to his hole
The smell of the cool desert wind
Drug across a dried salt bed
Mesquite standin crooked in full bloom
Seein the cattle lower to the ground
Safe knowin you are there to watch over
Gentle they rest as you hum them a tune
Amazed as the full yellow moon comes to life
Addin its own color to the vast open plain
A song just for you from an old hoot owl
Joined by a coyotes lonely call from afar
Ambers glowin down at the campfire
Air filled with the aroma of coffee and beans
That old son is all an old cowboy needs

                                        Edwin J. Smith
                                        The Old Cowboy

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All an Old Cowboy Needs

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