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My dog, Sampson
Walks with me
Around this campus
Of disability

A canine
He does fine

Goes to work proudly
Knows if I scream loudly
A possum could be near
And rat-type things I fear

Wish he would have been there
When I had the big fear
And the pack rats came
To put me in the shame

Of being in the coop with ground collapsing
Each step a hellish happening
While feeding the exotic birds
My yelling is all that was heard

That fateful day
When the ground gave way
Out came what seemed 100 rats
I prayed that time for tiger cats

To eat them up
To beat them up
To give me strength
To God I thanked

For not being bitten
Those pack rats big as a kitten
Coming from hell
It is a story I cannot help but tell

Where's a dog when you need him
I was all alone with them
As their tunnels gave way
I ran as fast as I could that day

Now if mouse or rat or gerbil seen
I turn into a girl obscene
Whose words the devil would not repeat
The day those rats were about my feet

Sampson save me
Sampson enslave me
Into your best friend mode of man
Alone at night you understand

You are my protector
When rodents are the subjector
Subjecting me to the plague
My Sampson's trust won't lag

Behind---the way men's protection could
In front of me you are good
Scaring away what could frighten me
Without Sampson's guard where would I be?

When the red fox
Is on the blocks
I travel in the dark
As the spooks of night will park

Behind a tree as night pushes on
Or in those bushes gone
He will scare you
He will not fear you

The way I might
In the dark of the night
If you are small and moving fast
Giving me a nightmare to last

As long as there are rats and mice
I will kill them it's not nice
Sampson will bite you too
Until you're dead through and through

A boxer dog some think a pit
Well he's not, so don't have a fit
When you see him walking with me on rounds
Your canine friends won't let you down.

5/17/2007 0404 cj

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