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 MARCH 11, 2004

The day he changed his address to theirs
Just happens to be my birthday
What a fool I am for thinking of him
And that he will ever get away

From the place he has to go
Where another woman lives
And it's better that I don't know her
Or think about just what she gives

Because it drives me crazy
It sends me to hating this world
I've reached the point of no return
And now this love is hurled

Like a fireball
Into the nothingness of space
Only to explode alone
As I retire from this disgrace

Of explaining to others
How he lives with her
He will not go out on his own
Can go on as they were

Before I dated him in September
Of this same year
Thinking perhaps he would move
If I kept my love alive and near

But my love doesn't count at all
If so, he would be gone from there
So why do I keep lying to myself
Thinking that his love is fair

Now, I understand
Now, I really see
Now, I don't give a damn
Now, he can have his damn Marie

Been kicked in the teeth
By the stallion with big shoes
Perhaps he'll feel my pain
Perhaps he'll get the clues

That I cannot care anymore
Spend every Sunday there with her
I will not live for him
His life with her gives me the cure

To go on living
Alone is better than frustration
Or he'd be gone from there by now
Without these three years hesitation.

5/20/2007 0330 cj


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