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this is not the red hot chili peppers but good anyways

Better days are in the perspective ahead
my dear your tears will be gathered up made rivers out of
there we will swim away your fears and sorrow
we will kiss under the moonbeams and whistle your favorite songs in harmony
i will hold you oh so gently and caress your oh so passionately
just when you say that i have to go to the mountains
i will gaze into your rainbow eyes and seek the desire that is forever pure
let me seek the perfections with you in mind
i can do a lot of good when the demands are at bay
the unjust man will always try to cling to your beauty
not his fault but it is choice to be so filthy
and then there is the fact that his ignorance will always be his persona
and the draining of your beauty is never worth saving anyone who cant save themselves
the crying is not the worst thing you could do
i think staying in the numbness would be a fair worst fate
so interested in your every thought
i want to know what its like to be your only love
i want to love every detail that brought you to me
the better days are in the front view
and its going to be your survival guide
with the intentions that are never less true
i will carve your name on all my facial expressions
and tell the world of my happiness with every smile
the look in your eyes tells all
and i want to know it all
the love of a lifetime, the happiness in translation
and the happy endings that will be just everlasting

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this is not the red hot chili peppers but good anyways