A package of top ramen
Is good enough if you're bombin'
Out of money, out of time
Writin' stuff of noodle rhyme

Doesn't make cents
When you are dense
Born under a Chinese sign
In a tree of monkey shine

Chatter's all you're after
Fill the room with laughter
Even if it isn't funny
Not that 20-year-old playboy bunny

Maybe you were 30 years ago
While still inside it'll glow
If some foolish whim flys free

Broke and broken
So outspoken
Should be slapped or spanked
Not full of the dank

It's okay
It'll end someday
Until then
Be your own friend

Because broke and broken
Could be chokin'
In a bed
Almost dead

And you're quite alive
To write this jive
That lets you feel
The turning of the fortune's wheel.

5/22/2007 0300 cj

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