The Unfairness Of Angels 

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 The Fast Food Giant

With quarter pounder burgers as his eyes
And his fingers made out of French fries
Tomato sauce runs through his veins
His legs are made of candy canes
His blonde flowing hair is made of melted cheese
And his saliva is orange juice ‘freshly squeezed'
And underneath his McDonald sponsored vest
He has spare BBQ ribs are in his chest
His melting smile is like butter scotch
And he has a southern-fired chicken leg as his watch
He has kebabs as feet and an ice cream cone as his nose
This Fast food Giant just grows and grows
No time these days for fruit or vegetables
Healthy eating is just for fools
He's never heard about families eating around a table
To him that's a myth, an old aged fable
And as he trudges off into the distance over the hills
You can hear him munching those ‘Blood Pressure Pills.'

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