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Vampire ... my blood you desire,
To build your Evil Empire,
Thirsting for fresh blood,
Showing my kind no love,
Sucking the Red,
Satisfied only when I’m dead,
You didn’t create me ...
You want to kill me ...
You can’t still me ...
I hope you feel me?
Thinking I’m down for the count
I resurrect ... make the connect
Reflect ... because it is ingrained
In my brain ... to Rebel !
Dissemination of information ...
Truth or mis-information?
Don’t be the Vampires fool,
His false Ideas currently rule ...
The world ... corrupting
Our boys and girls,
Must infuse them with truth
Teaching them The Haqq ...
While smashing the lies
And myth of Plymouth Rock,
Or those who owned stock
In the Blackman and Brown
In chattel slavery in Jamestown.
No time to bicker ...
Stick to my words tighter than
A slogan on a bumper sticker.
The Vampire’s war against peace
Must cease ... He must not be allowed
To fleece ... the world,
Must teach our boys and girls ...
Through dissemination of
Truthful, correct information,
Giving them the intellectual
Ammunition to bring into fruition ...
Accomplishing The Master’s Plan ...
For everyman ... in every land.
Allahu Akbar!

Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2007

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