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I'll Never Give Up

I'll never give up on you,
No matter what you decide to do
My love will continue to show,
where ever you might decide to go!

 You and I have always been one of a kind.
I didn't want to see you go;so,I remained blind.
 She promised you a better life;
but,I wanted to be your loving wife!

 I will always remember your twinkling eyes.
Oh,how they shined like the stars from the distant skies!
 Our kind of love is never meant to die.
I'll forever love you and never say goodbye!
I thanked the lord as you unpacked today,
We vowed our love and promised to never go astray!
We are once again happy and so in love!
My prayers were answered from the Heavens above!

This is written to my best friend
Someone thinks our love wil end;
but,I have news,we will see it mend!
I'll never give up.
I'll never give up.
I'll never give up on you babe!
because....I Love You and I believe...thorns protect roses and make them
stronger through the bad storms of life.

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I`ll Never Give Up

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