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News 24

They switched to Foreign News
Before you had time to think
The Foreign Correspondent stood
Caught by the satellite link

He stood there with his Kalashnikov
Part of a gang crowded by the door
Such a slight child's figure
But now a child no more.
And he stared at the camera
With a smile that didn't reach his eyes
As his leader spouted vitriol
Of the usual mixture of truth and lies.
His little gang of children
His little gang of mere boys
Being paraded there as soldiers
With their men's killing toys.
And on cue he waved his Kalashnikov
At his leader's commands;
He really should have been holding
A bat and ball in his hands.
And the camera focussed
To full close up on his head
To that  pair of dull eyes
And expression that was dead.
The Correspondent started winding up
At the end of his working day
Whilst in view shot over his shoulder
The boys were marched off and away.

Back in the studio the anchor held his
Serious expression for a period just right,
Then they switched to more local matters,
The usual mix of the nonsense and the trite.

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News 24