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The days, the nights,the minutes pass,
Raindrops explode like a piece of glass,
Accept the things that we cannot change,
Life's not for us to re-arrange.

The sun, the wind, the thunder and snow,
Life is a roller coaster pushing to-and-fro,
Accept with love the things we see,
The beauty of life is part of me.

Heaven we know, accepts us all,
Be it large, or short or tall,
Each passing person equal to the other,
In the eyes of nature's mother.

The natural beauty of God's short plan,
All being ruined by the hands of man,
Across the seas, grains of sand,
In the future let man walk hand in hand.

A butterfly, a spider, a dog or cat,
All part of life, in their habitat,
Natural beauty is for all to see,
Leave life as it is, just let it be.

Vicki Wroe, 16. (C)

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