vicki wroe

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I sit here alone in my cold dark cell,
Outside is brilliant but in here it's hell,
Locked doors and windows; lights off at nine,
Twiddling my thumbs to stop me going out of my mind.

On pins every minute when someone knocks on my door,
Tiptoeing gently across the floor,
Rain pelts down; pounds the window pane,
Like my sanity disappearing I'm going insane.

These lonely walls are my only view,
Staring into the darkness; don't know what else to do,
Can't go outside and feel the fresh air,
I am to scared that he'll too be there.

So I stay inside where I know I'm safe,
Can't sleep at night I lie wide awake,
Just incase he finds me and tries to get in,
what on earth did I do wrong to him?

Until he physically causes me a bruise or mark,
They just leave me to fear the silent dark,
Lock myself in fear waiting for him to come,
I just want to have back that feeling of home.

Switch on my stereo to drown out the noise,
Of the excited voices of passing girls and boys,
They know of my fear but don't want to know,
Scared they'll too soon become involved.

I'm deserving of this torment so you're proberbly thinking
I brought it on myself by being violent and drinking,
But the fact is this and this is my story,
I'm suffering at the hands of a neighbour's fury.

He is threatening my family so we live in fear,
But because he's mental we've got to stay here,
Nobody will help us we fear for our lives,
Eachday we wake up asking how longer we'll survive.

He kicks off with us and shouts obsenities,
Walks past our CCTV shouting "cheese,"
We are all prisoners because of this man,
Living like sardines in a very small can.

We pray everynight hoping one day we'll leave,
So we can finally be free and so we can breathe,
But until that day we're still living in fear,
I think I'm going to end up dying here.

Vicki Wroe, 17 (C)

This poem is wrote about how I feel after being threatened by a neighbour. Me and my family fear for our lives but because the man in question has mental issues, there's nothing anybody will do to help us.

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