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Tandem v (and absolute finale)

After hours of frustration
Accident and broken bones
I've finally decided
To leave such things alone
For you can't make love on a tandem
No matter how much you'd like
But I think I've found an answer
With my new motorised tryke
Now it's not so very speedy
Being driven by battery power
And it's open to the elements
So not much fun in a shower
But you don't need to balance
Because of its three wheel base
And it really is quite nifty
Fitting in any confined space
The seat ain't too large
But at a pinch it will do
If you cuddle up closely
It will quite easily take two
Oh how I can't wait
To practice my new sport
But decorum being decorum
I won't be making public
Any progress reports
So I've given up on my tandem
It's just an awkward type of byke
But watch out all you ladies
Here comes man with tryke
And he's here with a mission
To prove for once and all
You can make love on a tricycle
Without any awkward falls

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Tandem v (and absolute finale)