"A Divine Decree"

Secluded within a moment in time,
Desiring all in life that is meant to be mine.

A defining moment to which cannot be seen by all,
Those that have the gift reflect an image of standing proud, strong & tall.

A crystal clear path that is not always easy to see,
By believing and having faith the Lord has chosen to speak through me.

Many question why or what path they are meant to take,
Not to realize that the path is not for them to make.

The choice of one is what the Lord gives to you,
To test the faith & purity of a spirit that is true.

Although at times we veer down a shallow and winding road,
It is that of the experience to which must be cast and then foretold.

To stand as the ideal exemplification of righteousness in tact,
It is predetermined before birth how your life will enact.

For each person, being and creature is undefiled and ordained,
To live according to the covenant that God has set forth & not be disdained.

Look within yourself and see what God sees,
It is that of your inner self speaking with all the cries and the pleas.

To see the truth within the light,
It is without omission a transcendent sight.

To see how the Lord sees is infinite and for it to be sown upon thee,
You must concede to the Lord's power and accept: