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The likeliness that this will be understood by all is far from the vast majority,
I can only speak from personal experience so I apologize as this is not anonymity.

To be so close to the Lord, I only seek the truth and that is my desire,
I look into those who cross my path to view the holocaust of the fire.

That is within each person deep down inside as this is an internal fight,
There isn't one being that can absolutely hide this even with all their might.

I've survived through life accepting things that I see,
Only to ask God, "Why have you chosen me?"

I truly have asked God what my place is on this earth,
It is the astounding fact that truthfully I have always known since birth.

To touch and be touched is by God's good grace,
It is this from within that I've always known my place.

To help those in need of a listening ear or even an extended hand,
It has consequently been the life provided through God's plan.

I have bitter sweet theories of my own,
You reap what you sow and then your gardens are grown.

Seeing so many souls lost to the coldness, suffocated by demons thus desire of life is gone,
Some of those souls detour and conquer the demonic power so their presence is not long.

I pray for myself and for those around me,
Dear Lord, hear me as I speak to thee.

I cannot imagine that life was meant to be this way,
To have your children become grown only then to go astray.

Look down upon us and shed the light for which only you can,
This is of course why you created us within your master plan.

To be forgiven for the past is all that I ask,
To ask for a mass reprieve is an overwhelming task.

Aware that this is why your son gave the life of his own,
I honor your plan and the seeds are now sown.

Giving my praise to the holy heavens that are surely above,
It is this that every soul truly wants and that's LOVE.


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