A Prophet of Divine Inspiration

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Once in a lifetime I realized I hadn't lost,
But been blessed with everything & what was the cost.

A little bit of faith & a whole lot of love,
I prayed for it all and it was sent from above.

I know I push and make it hard to be mine,
But there are moments when I think of things missed with you in time.

What I want is for you to look at me, that way,
The way you did once & upon that very day.

You promised not hurt me & to never leave my side,
You wiped away my tears as I looked at you and cried.

I long for your touch, to hold me close & hug me tight,
I'd fall asleep in your arms and we'd wake in the morning light.

To miss something so small it's really no big deal,
Until we argue, fuss & fight and then it's very real.

I'm here, you're gone and that's all I can feel,
Is a wound that hurts as you're all I need to make it heal.

I love you now & I loved you then,
I'll love you forever & ‘til the end…