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 Life before "LIFE"

In the womb some may not know,
That it is the love of God you feel as you start to grow.
Slowly but surely eventually you will come to see the light,
Being introduced into the world with all of God's will & all his might.

All of God's children have their own gift,
You may start to know yours as life starts to shift.
In the direction you are meant to touch and be touched,
Do not run from your gift or use denial as a crutch.

To say & to know are two different things,
As life will progress it is up to you to find out what that means.
Once you accept your place in his kingdom,
The blessings given will not be challenged or even questioned where they are from.

Know that it is God's gifts that are for you to see & to be seen,
By the end it is my will for you to find what that means.
Be yourself and then as your spirit shines through,
Accept that it was God & his gifts being released from inside the inner you.


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