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Love Is For Eternity = "LIFE"

My "LIFE" began the day I met you,
I swore to the Lord that I'd be tried & true.

I stepped to you will nothing but great intention,
You did not recognize me as the one that you once brought up and mentioned.

But my inner strength did not fall,
I knew who you were so I stood strong, proud and tall.

Experiencing real love for the very first time,
I've stated this before it nearly blew my mind.

To feel such a strong connection to someone you don't even know,
I ask, "How do you go about even starting to show?"

As for all of my feelings I've always held them deep inside,
As the only thing that could not be taken from me was my inner pride.

Throughout the years, I held onto the thought of you existing in my heart,
I knew it was you from the very start.

You were there to make sure that I was restored to the bare essence of ME,
Showing ME the world helped to set my soul free from past ailments & internal misery.

Your strength is admirable & your love is first-class,
From the very beginning I've always thought to myself, "You've found him at last!"

By believing in me, YOU are the greatest man that I have ever known,
I know that on all occasions it isn't this that I have shown.

As the inner demons within myself have struck hard to place doubt,
Causing me to fuss, fight & sometimes even shout.

Being the best that I can possibly be is all that I can do to implore a reprieve,
Because you required me to remove all of my masks so I could not deceive.

To make things right, I show you that I am proud to be your wife
By honoring, respecting & upholding our vows as this is the only way I can foresee our: