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"One Love"

The over powering devotion to purge what has been incurred from despondency and disposition,
It is one that will lead you to decipher the world you once knew.

If this comes to you in an overwhelming sense of things,
Know that God is assisting to reinstate and restore the original you.

In birth you were perfected down to every freckle, hair and inch of your body,
To some degree you were made to be godly.

Upon the cognizant transition that you will encounter,
I extend a hand in faith that should be used as your shelter.

Humility is obtained by purifying yourself through obedience of the word,
Your perseverance will reflect in all that you've endured.

To complete this rescue mission of the lost and weary souls,
You must look into yourself to realize the infinite goals.

The convalescent release from personal regression is divine appeasement from the heavens above
This is what God delivers and bestows upon you so that you will know:




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