A Prophet of Divine Inspiration

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It is the genuine feeling of being together as one,
Connecting on all levels as the web of our love is graciously spun.
Thinking of each other when the other is not around,
Being true to the cherished bond that has set forth solid ground.

Living in harmony while pushing through the thunderous waves of life,
Generously understanding one another which is why we come to strive.
Placing all of our doubts in the proper place where they belong,
Which by casting out all the negativity we stand united & strong.

This is not an easy task as the demons strike hard to conquer all that is good,
The demons encompass all traces of doubt and if there is an opening it could.
Attempt to overcome all the powers that be by destroying ones faith as to join in misery,
Making all things that were once transparent, obscurely vague & overly foggy.

In order to defuse the demonic force that can potentially occur,
You must look deep inside, giving your inner most self to the Lord so you become sure.
As to the inherent belief that the Lord will always allow only the good to remain,
By slowly casting away all those shadows pouring out the antagonistic reign.

Believe in the prevailing love that once embarked upon each other,
Look beyond what only your eyes can see, reach out & extend a hand to one another.
Unveil your devotion & allegiance so that it becomes transparent once again,
Listen closely to the words as soft spoken as they are and then.

Look deep into each other's eyes,
Giving thanks to God's exquisite surprise.
Start by remembering the long and winding road to the very words that were once recited,
For it is then that you will recall all the goodness to consummate the bond as you've both been: