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 "Worth from Within"
Along the way I have found myself,
With in the world that I've been dealt.

For I know there is no price on my worth,
What makes me "ME" was instilled through God the day of my birth.

To be kind, considerate, compassionate and true,
This is a requirement for the "REAL YOU" to shine through.

First you must love yourself as you would want someone else to love you,
If you can't do this, how can you expect someone else to have a clue?

I'm only stating this so it can be used as a guide for your views,
Many have said that I am merely a muse.

The Lord speaks through me with good intent & great purpose,
Reaching out to those who need help to the surface.

Bringing hope and faith alive will lead to your salvation,
This will start the process for personal rejuvenation.

For all that is not good you will have to let it go,
Sometimes this may be hard but as you do God will start to show.

Just how things were meant to be,
Once you accept that it starts inside of thee.

Together we stand & for this I will pray:

Lord, hear me for these souls that are lost,
For they do not realize what will be the final cost.

Help the blind to make them see,
That there is no personal gain to reside in misery.

Release them from their evil binds,
Cast away the demons & show them the signs.

That happiness IS at the end of the road,
"I" hear you Lord & now in time the rest will unfold.

Now let them hear & see as you have opened my eyes,
Give them the same reprieve for the ultimate prize:



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