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He's not your friend
But hers
He's not the end
That stirs

You up into depression
Puts you down into hell
You sit here and write confession
And you tell

The world that he's a hateful man
His love is for himself
He won't be here to hold your hand
He's poor, not full of wealth

He'd rather live with some other woman
Than the one he says he loves
Even though you've kept him coming
He's not coming because

He wants to beat you in the face
He cannot live with your jealousy
He likes to keep you in disgrace
Well girl, you set him free

And down the road some other day
When some other man wants you
You look at him and smile and say
You had your chance to be true

But you wouldn't take it
You liked me crying and upset
With me you couldn't make it
So nothings what you get

No, none of me
Not one speck of my spirit
You set me free
Refused to come here near it

Where close and safe is what I need
While far away is what you chose
I love you but you won't take heed
Therefore, this lovely woman you lose!

6/12/2007 1130 cj

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