Pete's poems from the night.

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....a cell door opens.

Blind in the darkness
In a way was free
Unseen are the walls
Of imprisoned safety.

...and a cell door opens.

Feared is the light
So intense it seems
Missing the desire
Of so many dreams.

Piercing doorways glare
A hand gestures to leave
In missed communication
Blank eyes fail to receive.

Moments pass, nothing
For a king exists here
Ruling, thoughtless
This regal deceiver.

From memory's depths
A frown of recognition
Disjointed moments
Form a life of fruition.

A will begging to stand
Urged on by memories
Tears clear a vision
As the first time he sees.

Born anew, a hope
From where misery sleeps
A final look, smiling
Grasping the door, he leaps.