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 Blessing of A Madman

Lost in the thick of my thoughts wilderness; it won't yeild unless I can endure the stress of these tests. Because in the end I feel I'll truly be blessed.  You have to go through the worse to experience the best.
I've created this poem for your access for you are one to be bless.  However unless; I don't do my best, I'll forever be stuck in this wilderness.  And who has ever heard of such madness?  Bestowing blessing on one of such madness.  Yet you've missed the point, and see not the vast vastness. I have endured pain, so I shall be bless.  None-the-less, if it were not for the blessings bestowed upon me, I couldn't bless you with my gift of poetry.

2007 All rights reserved. This poem may not be used or duplicated in part or whole wihtout the express consent of Jak'ki "Parris" Johnson.

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