A ragingheart to tell a tale of life and love 
  Rhonda Davis

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 I Am a Follower of Jesus!

I am a follower of Jesus.
The righteous have been many but I do not follow.
I only follow Jesus.
Moses was a human being that made mistakes just like me.
Moses was a great man of his time and kept many from dying from bad sanitation.
But I am not follower of Moses.
I am a follower of Jesus.
Jesus never condemned anyone.
Jesus never claimed to be anything other than the son of God.
He followed the Ten Commandments.
Jesus always kept the name of his father holy.
He never stole. He never killed.
He never disrespected his parents.  Nor did he covet what his neighbor had.
Jesus never committed adultery or worshiped any idols.
He followed the Sabbath day except to do his father's work.
He always loved his neighbor more than himself.  He died for them!
I am not a follower of those who call themselves Christians today.
I am a follower of Jesus.
The disciples followed Jesus and saw his love first hand.
But I do not follow the disciples.
I am not a follower of Paul who once was Saul.  
Although he was a righteous man of his time and followed what he thought was right.
Paul lived by the rules of his time.
 Women were second class and were to be own by a man.
Women were not to teach, sing or praise the name of God without supervision.
Many of his letters were written by others trying to understand what he had said.
I am not a follower of Paul.
Gandhi traveled to the Christian world having read about the Christian life and wanted to live as Jesus did among all the other people who called themselves Christians.  But being a man of truth and wisdom he could not because the Christians did not follow what Jesus had taught.  He found no love or forgiveness of his fellow man.  But instead was told that in order to be Christian he had change and hate his fellow man for any difference that was found.  No Gandhi the greatest lover peace and truth went back home a heart broken man.
I am a follower of Jesus.
So do not call me a Christian with the same degree as the righteous leaders of today.  
I do not hate, judge or wish you ill because your birth, home, beliefs or love.
But instead know that I am a follower of Jesus.

Ragingheart June 27 2007

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