Beautiful Disaster

Ripple Effect

The pond is still
Steady and unchanging
It glistens
As it reflects
The suns rays
A gentle breeze
Stirs the waters
It remains unruffled
But one small pebble
Kicked loose
From the path
Tumbles down the bank
And dares
The pond's
Rhythmic way of life
Just one small pebble
Creates ripple upon ripple
The ripples increase in size
Until the whole pond
Has be affected
By one small pebble
Like the pond
A family
A community
A world
Steady and unchanging
continuing on
With daily routines
Oblivious to
Everyone else
But it only takes one
One smile
That becomes
One hug
That becomes
A listening ear
That becomes
A helping hand
That becomes
A wise word
That becomes
One life saved
Six lives changed
A small act of kindness
Passed on
Can become
A great feat of courage
And it all starts
With one “pebble”
Will you be that pebble?

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