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  Terry Ireland

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She watched his preparations
At the start of the night
Knowing he was leaving
At first morning light
Saw him strip his rifle
Lay out every working part
Prepare his two by four
Before he made his start
Meticulously cleaning
And when he was done
Checking re-checking the action
Of that much relied on gun

He loved her with a passion
Shared his body with joy and care
But underneath all that passion
Couldn't fully kill her despair
He held her closely to him
Tried to ease her fear
Gently tasted and kissed
Her every salty tear
Until sated and exhausted
She sank slow and deep
Into the safe refuge
Of much need sleep

When they came in the morning
She heard the knock at the door
Heard him slip from the house
And he wasn't with her anymore
She walked the empty rooms
But couldn't find any peace
Knew in her heart and mind
Only his safe return
Could bring her release
To the world just a soldier
But to her he was her life
She lived the constant horrors
Of an active service wife

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