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He's gone
He was here
I swear it

Comes and goes
I am child
Dream drama babe
Who likes the mild

To come here
After he's gone
The peace and quiet
Turns me on

The silent me
With TV off
The breeze blows
He thinks I scoff

At what he says
About his laundry there
Well, I've things to do
And I don't care

Blessed to be
I have so much
With faith in God
A divine touch

As it strokes my skin
I always know
The narrow road's best
If you have to go

The trip is difficult
Then illumination shines
Turn the other cheek
Take the tie that binds

That evil one
Who's full of hate
The beast within
Is not your fate

You will withstand
Help those in need
Who are my dogs
I have to feed

With love constant
That stays by you
Part of your pack
Faithfully true

Unlike the one who goes
Prefers to sleep without
Says he lives alone
While you live in this doubt

Yes, you love his kisses
Think of him sometime
Without seeing him
Wouldn't you be fine

Prayer of the Father
Here inside of me
Close my eyes
As it's all set free.

5/27/2007 1918 cj

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