Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Fracturing and Collapsing

Like plaster, he crumbles when the
Weight of the world comes crashing
Down upon him.
Is he fragile? Overly sensitive?
No. He is human.

A curse we all carry.

There is not telling when he'll crumble,
If he'll crumble and for
Whatever reasons this time.
But I have bad hands
Waiting to catch him,
They have no strength.
They are weak and cold due to
Poor circulation, and they are here.

They are of sin.

They mean nothing.
They are almost nothing,
I can almost watch them disappear.
I can almost understand.
I need to see his eyes
So I can understand more
Because I failed a few tiems,
And then I went and failed him.
Then there is now.
And now, I always feel so sick.

May 31, 2007

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Fracturing and Collapsing

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