Straight To The Heart

The Last of Your Days

I dedicate this to satan, you can't hurt me anymore, In Jesus name, I cast you as far as the east is from the west, Amen.

You knew that I had heard you
through the walls of that old prison
You thought there was a doubt
I believed my Lord had risen
But I knew you from the first moment
I heard those voices loud and clear
From that very second
I knew it satan, you were there

You wanted me to be one of you
you watched closely just to see
But Jesus stood there with me
His blood had set me free

You screeched and yelled in anger
another soul that you had loss
Not yet getting it
Jesus paid my debt on the Cross

You tried to make me crazy
knowing I could hear your every sound
But with God's grace and help
you're demons I had bound

I'd grab them by their scrawny necks
and tie them up in a knot
And flush them down that toilet to hell
where forever they would rot

Now I prayed for Jesus guidance
as I struggled on that day
My fears were getting stronger
God just told me to pray

I prayed by day and night
my prayers went right on through
Then God did something I'd never seen
He gave  me the rest of you

I grabbed you and you're little demons
those devils and the imp
And as I flushed you one by one
I saw you were just a wimp

You screamed, "She's going to kill us
She knows who we really are!"
And all I could do was laugh and laugh
as God threw you oh so far

Jesus had already defeated you
time and time again
There's no way you could actually think
you'd ever have a chance to win

That pride you carry around is foolish
and the heartache you create is a shame
And I'll tell you today, you're defeated again
in the power of my Jesus name

I praise God for what He did for me
while locked up behind those bars
He gave me the Faith to deal with you
now I bare some of His scars

My life for Jesus is more precious
than anything ever known in this world
Only my God has conquered Heaven
as those stars in His hands were hurled

Satan I was a believer
that the things you had said, you could do
But I am now here to tell you
your days are numbered, you're through

So while you suffer eternity in Hell
I want you to think of me
Nailing my Savior to that old cross
only caused Him to again be free

I will forever praise HIM
I'll sing the songs of the free
You will never be mentioned again
but you'll beg through eternity

My Father will never hear you
we'll be sharing, all worship and praise
And as for you old satan
You have seen the last of your days

©2007 Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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The Last of Your Days

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