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Moving On ii

You've got a pint in your fist
And you're standing there tall,
But that old village pub
Now seems a little small.
And the friend at your shoulder
From your village school days
Is drinking and he's chatting
As you only half hear what he says.

in thoelast few short weeks
you have grown beyond your age
taken your development
forward an important stage
for you have faced the drill pig,
king of that cruel drill square
stood rigidly to attention
and been humiliated there.
and you have gone through the pain,
now fading like bad dreams
as he's insulted and he's cursed you
and built you up into a team
and he's done his job so thoroughly
and he's done his job so well
forged a band of mates now
for whom you'll go through hell
and he's taught you the bayonet
and he's developed your skill
so that for those mates now
you'll go out and you'll kill
and he's taught you to obey
as sharply as a knife
for to stop and question
could cost another's life
and he's given you confidence
taught you how to survive
you've got muscles in your spit
and you feel so alive
and last night you and the drill pig
and the new team that he's made
drank as equals in the mess
after that passing out parade
and you'll go back a trained soldier
after this short home stay
knowing orders will be coming
to send you on your way
to where just doesn't matter
they're all one and the same
for you gave your oath
when you joined the army game

The old village bar looks smaller
And he'll always be your friend
For shared life experiences
Mean so much in the end
But it's just a little different now
And he could never understand
The camaraderie that was built
From that joskin squaddie band

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