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State Of  Affair

If definitive words would define definitive minds,
then defined minds could define the times. Ever I
carry this cup of passion with me, whether on mountain
tops or valley lows, in high end estates or door front stores.
Passion's my torch in cold places where little
children die but the pouring rain drown out their cry.
If there's a better speech than what I've spoken,
let deaf ears be reached before the times are broken.
Time moves as one but is cut into parts. Let us all pray
before the misery starts. But hearts are cold and tempers high,
even the meek of heart warms himself by the fire. Whatsoever a
man thinks so is he and the foolish murderer so shall be.
Because fools won't allow their minds space and time to think.

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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State Of Affair