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Evolutionary Scale

If man came from the sea, as evolution contents, then
there's no such thing as heaven or hell beyond the
universe therein. Shouldn't evolution have taught us
to be better creatures and learn from our mistakes.
But I say man is just as violent or more so that predates.
If they killed mostly to survive in prehistoric times
but now for power, surely something more grisly inside
ourselves awaits. Having peace in evolution is not attainable
neither can be. If every man would open his eyes every man will see.
It's based on the strong and the weak, while strong minds scheme
peaceful minds sleep. It's foolish to think man grunted his way
to knowledge. To believe he mutated from a mute creature to
an advance specimen goes beyond common sense. Evolutionist
says creationism is based on naivety, but why do such
advanced creatures, as ourselves, act so licentiously?
A conscious decision calls for a conscious action. We won't
accept any back paddling or give a retraction. If the
universe is a pool of knowledge...then we're so far behind.
The light of good things attain have been lost in dark minds.
Then we're left with dark eyes on the fertile fields but time
won't allow it until time is revealed.  

If the theory (belief) of evolution is real then there was never
a law of right and wrong, which means man created the law himself.
And if he created it himself he established the law for every creature
upon the face of the earth. But who gave him the right to do so?
That would stop the true process of evolution itself.

God never told us to prove he exists only believe he exists.

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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Evolutionary Scale