SWEETSWORDS 55 [ The Gander Issue ]

SWEETSWORDS 55 [ The Gender Issue ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Design existed before the structure,
As speech exists before the lecture.
Number existed before the calculation,
Planing existed before the creation.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
Feminine moon,
And masculine sun,
Motherly performance,
And fatherly plan.
One begets other,
But who bores both.
False promise,
And genuine oath.
Feminine energy,
And male power.
Ephemeral moments,
And eternal hour.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : They say Allah don't want,
Woman to marry more than one.
Because four husband,
Will fight over the single son.
They know not Allah did not created wedlock,
To be the painful perplex.
Only for progeny,
And pleasure of sex.
But if they grow,
With the intelligent hunch,
And ask the tree,
Why there is the branch.
He will say branch is there,
To increase my flowers and fruits.
It is there to increase my sons and daughters,
By the branch, roots and shoots.
He will say Allah gave sex for pleasures and multiplication,
Not for the division and destruction.
If they put four Woman,
And one Man in one Island.
And in another one wife,
And four husband.
If mens have not killed her,
She still will bore one baby in nine month.
But on other Island four woman are pregnant,
So men is reliving by masturbation.