Crucifixion or Cruci- Fiction

Jesus never suffered crucifixion.
Truly this is a Malediction.
To speak of crucifixion ...
Is it Truth or just an evil fiction?
The embodiment of evil drew near,
Whispers ...
Straight from the devils tongue to your ear,
A lie of unbelievable proportion,
Only shaitan could devise such a notion,
Only the mushrikeen could find this palpable,
Only the mushrikeen could be so malleable.
God having a son ... what a lie!
God having a son ... a son that could die?
Our beloved Jesus (AS) was a man and
Messenger Of Allah.
Jesus (AS) never suffered crucifixion,
Crucifixion is a lie ... upon a cross he did not die.
This is truly a malediction.
The Lie about Jesus (AS) and crucifixion ...
Is it truth or just fiction?
Only the party of shaitan could be so bold
As to unfold the biggest lie ever told.
Jesus (AS) did not die on a cross.
Muslims love Jesus and wait for his return ...
The mushrikeen for their Blasphemy ...
Will BURN!

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Crucifixion or Cruci- Fiction