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Reverend Doctor Demon ... is still scheming,
Beaming ... blaspheming, spiritually distracting
And intellectually hacking,

While Mr. Whip cracker is cracking ...
His whip ... Imprisoning us like our fore-parents
In the bowels of a new Millennium slave ship.
Mesmerizing minds with the BULL that flows from
His lying lips.

Enticing you to worship many gods instead
Of your One and Only Lord.
Reverend Doctor Demon assisting his lord
Throwing truth, justice and morality overboard,

In an effort to take us out ... wipe us out ...
Through creating doubt ... that is what he is

As you follow your leader ... be a student and reader.
BEWARE of WHERE your leader leads,
Upon your lack of knowledge he feeds.
Check out his history and past deeds,

He’ll have you worshiping your color and race.

DISGRACE ... Disgrace ... disgrace !!!

REALISM ... he’ll invite you to Heno or Poly-THEISM.

Scheming, Beaming ... blaspheming,

The Wrong Reverend Doctor Demon
Tom and Thomasina each day you
Become meaner Heart becoming soiled
Not cleaner ... Compassion for your
People becomes leaner,

In a frenzical blood feast you assist the
Devil as he removes the leash from
The Beast in his Trick bag,

Waving the demons flag ... never letting
It dip or sag ... waving it ... HIGH even as
You see your children And future die, You
Continue to believe in "The Triple Lie."

Fasiqeen ... towards Evil you lean,
With love and obedience to vice and
Corruption ... greed and over consumption ...

IS THIS ... The ameriKKKan Way, The euRo-Pe’n
Way, The white Way, The Devils Way?


Abu lateef


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