Poetry From The Heart by Barbara Ann Smith 
  Barbara Ann Smith

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 A Time To Face Uncertainty

There's this light within my soul,
burns bright and makes me whole.
Oft times I'm weakened by tribulations,
alluring my mind and causing frustrations.

Gods word tells me there will be days like this,
a struggle, temptations, desire to go amiss.
His light flickers and becomes dim,
the devil's aim is to gain a win.

Storms gather as darkness surrounds,
the spirit I'm searching...can't be found.
I feel like a lost soul seeking in vain,
nothing surfaces to illuminate the light again.

I'm tossed and turned round and round,
my being's lost...searching and a ground.
Darkness slips in to take its punch,
makes my suffering deaden to touch.

Obscurity grips and twists my mind,
nothings left to gain, no time to unwind.
A raging wind speeds out of control,
charms and entices me into its hold.

I stand to face the dreariness of the moment,
knowing life is shear hell and torment.
I stare toward the Heaven and cry,
can you hear...my pleas and my sighs?

Heaven rumbles and lightening bounces about,
nows my time to press...and cry for an out.
In the blink of an eye...God heard my pleas,
my radiant light allows everyone to see.

Isaiah 30:19

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