Poetry From The Heart by Barbara Ann Smith 
  Barbara Ann Smith

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 Imprints Linger

It's been a long night,
I see the moon sneak into the sky,
a draft wraps my shoulders,
bats swarm desiring a meal,
flinching as one swoops down at me.

Loneliness smothers my soul,
she left today for college,
her smile left imprints in my memory.
She's an image of my younger self,
dark brown eyes, golden hair, and plump lips.

Our bond...friend, listener, love and family,
we're joined in our hearts.
I'll face tomorrow...
alone, challenged, aimless and painful,
lots of years we've spent together...

It stings the core of my soul...
freeing her to a world of turmoil and ambiguity,
I opened my wings to watch her soar...
nurturing, love, and advice prepared her mind.
She flew like a mighty eagle,
leaving a sunbeam of light,
knowing she was ready to face life.

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