The Unfairness Of Angels 
  matthew Bartram

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 our gate

In an apartment complex in the Midwest USA
Stands a gate that was built in a day
From fencing wood, a saw and nails
Its there to keep out the naughty boys and girls
Erected in the searing heat
The sound of my hammer mirrored my heartbeat
For this gate was built out of love and respect
To always remind those of the day that we met
Like the storms and the rain that pelted its wood
Our love like the gate withheld strong, like I knew it would
A gate fashioned with the same hands that caressed her face
Our gate can be seen from outer space
Well actually I have told a lie on that
But that's the story I told the kids and the cat
I love my gate, which I built for my lady
Although I am rubbish at DIY and can be lazy
But that gate that hangs from the wooden post
Is a symbol to let you know that I love you the most.

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