The Unfairness Of Angels
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 Harry Potter V The Dark Prince
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It was Halloween in Hogwarts when Harry decided to play with the Dark Magic
Sadly it would be the last thing he ever did, as it would end bloody and tragic
He had been warned never to go through the enchanted black oak door
For within it was a book of spells, even too powerful for the Albus Dumbledore
So afraid was he, that the message read ‘don't enter and never ever ignore'
No one was to enter, and that was one of oldest and the most sacred law
But Harry was becoming too arrogant and obnoxious in his teenage years
He craved more magic and power just like an alcoholic craves more beers
The moonlight shone through the towers windows guiding his way
Brave and excited he crept to where the book of dark magic lay
He waved his wand and cast the ‘opening' spell of the ‘forbidden door'
And the door creaked open, and he levitated over the cobbled floor
And there before him was a book raised upon a blackish purple marble stand
He flicked through the book; gazing upon a language he couldn't understand
And then his glasses steamed up and sweat fell down his brow and cheek
As there in black ink was the spell ‘The ultimate foe' spell ‘not for the weak'
A crooked smile fell upon his childlike features and he know it had to be read
And so he read allowed "I Call upon another time and another man alive or dead"
"To defeat a foe of magic and time, a man of darkness and royalty"
"I summon you Dark Prince to come and fight and challenge me"
At first there was nothing but the sound of silence and a crying owl
But then the room began to spin faster and faster, and the air became foul
It was like a tornado within the room, and Harry began to spin around and around
Until he was throw from the vortex and found himself upon the ground
He picked himself up and looked around, he was in another land and he was frightened
The sky was a rustic red; where mountains and hilltops silhouetted the blazen horizon
Forests with trees that reached up to the moon and lights of cities flickered far away
He saw paths ahead of him and strange creatures where calling him to go this way
In the distance he heard thunder, which looked liked vapour formed of sin
Then he saw that this was no black thundercloud, but a figure, a man, it was him!

The noise was that of horses hoofs, as he got closer he saw a man in dressed in black
A black cloak, a black skull helmet and black armour, there was no turning back
The Man galloped right up to Harry and his voice of a thousand sorrows spoke
"Boy! What folly is this? You call upon to challenge the Dark Prince? Is this a joke?
The sound that came from within the black skull helmet roared with laughter
"Boy! You realise now that there is not going to be a ‘happy ever after?'
Harry, being the twat he is, pushed his back up and breathed in through his nose
"Dark Prince, I shall banish you back to whatever place one knows"
He continued his childish rant" I am Harry Potter the greatest wizard ever known!"
The Prince unsaddled his mount and said, "You boy will soon be flesh and bone"
Harry wasted no time at all firing a stream of fire from his hand
The Dark Prince stepped through the fire and chuckled "you simply don't understand"
With one slap with his black gauntlet he flung Harry to the grass sodden ground
And unsheathed his dragon sword without a sound, and said "so boy another round?"
Harry made himself invisible and cast a spell upon the Dark Princes sword
But somehow the Dark Prince simply stood firm and his spell was absorbed
Harry created an illusion of a dragon, which spat fire at the prince
But the Dark knight of this realm didn't even flinch
Harry panicking took his wand and cast a burning star at his foe
But if it hurt the prince it didn't seem to show
Harrys magic was having little effect it seemed
He was panicking, for this foe seemed more difficult to defeat than he ever dreamed
The Dark Prince with one single swipe with his sword cut off Harrys right hand
As it was still clutching the wand, it fell upon the bloody sand

Without his wand Harrys powers were pretty worthless, and he knew it
The Dark Prince did a back flip and with another stroke he gave Harry another slit
Blood gushed from his stomach and his guts were hanging out
The Dark Prince then smashed the hilt of his sword into his face and broke his snout
Harrys glass from his specs were pushed into the backs of his eyes
The Dark Prince spun his sword and cut off his other hand, amongst Harrys cries
Harry screamed some magic to try and safe him, but his spells didn't seem to work
The Dark Prince kicked into Harrys back and broke it. He hated this little jerk
The Prince couldn't believe that such a boy wizard had challenged him to a duel
And he spent no mercy as he cut the tongue out of this wizard fool
But then in a twist of fate as Harry lay dying, he cast the spell of summoning
It started to create some clouds around him, something defiantly was happening
But in his death, his selfishness would only bring him more pain
For he had summoned his friends to come and safe him, for what use it would gain?
The dark Prince now covered in the boys blood just stood and stared
At these children and a giant and an old wizard and a boy ginger haired
Albus Dumbledore directed all his magical might at the Dark knight
The Dark Prince fell backwards, burning his armour, ‘now' he thought, ‘this is a fight'
Before Dumbledore could fire again, the Prince threw his spear at such a pace
It flew threw the air spinning until it landed right between Dumbledores face
Two young girls let lightening fly from their wands at the Dark bloody figure
But their magic was weak, and he grasped their hands breaking every finger
With one huge tug, their arms came easily away from their torso
And with one almighty punch with his fist he gave them their deathly blow
The ginger boy stood shaken and was trembling, but he raised his wand to attack
So the Dark Prince unleashed his sword and with one blow stabbed it into his back
The giant, who was known as Hagrid, came charging in with a dwarfen mace
But the prince side stepped him and cut his sword into his face
Harry Potter lay dying; the green grass and sandy paths were stained red
The Dark Prince stood over him "Look around you boy, all that you love is dead"
Harry potters face was as white as snow and his breathing was heavy and weak
He was blind and couldn't see and had no tongue to speak
The prince said to Harry "You came here craving power but instead you found death"
And with that, he struck of Harrys head and took his final breath
He left behind him carnage and bodies stained in blood and gore
But he left with a message to one and all, ‘don't enter and never ever ignore'

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