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Love Always Abides

When one has no choice but to face that
love  by another  cannot be embraced
and who doesn't chose to relate.
As Doubt and distrust has kept their
return of love concealed.

The words that take loves form, kind
gesters and deeds performed.Actions
and true hearts intentions.One seeing a
gift through any storm. While the other
remains suspiciuos, who's view becomes
distorted and deformed.
No deed can be received as a kind jest.
Being judged like all the rest. How much
more can a heart take, when so much is
at stake? why would one still keep trying,
while the other only withholds and continues

A true heart does not want to recognize all
the sutble signs. Accepting it must be they
who are to blame that love can not be
sustained. But there is no happy ending, no
new begining. Always a vicious cycle of false
hope to a hearts hell that isn't pretending.

Then one day out of the blue,it finally occur's
to the one who's loves been denied. They
must first love themselves inside. When time is
 taken to quite our minds. Begin to realize that
in our selfs love always abides.

Making life come alive. What once was filled with
confusion, now becomes clear. which in turn opens
doors for our hearts desire to appear.

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