It's Time

                           It's Time                                        July 26, 2007

Why should we hide the country of our past, we've heard this talk many a year
I was told one day at four years old, why don't you disappear
My family tree is all about me, is that right or are am I talking strong
My father and my mother, my greatest friends in the world taught me the words of bigotry are wrong
The mess I'm in now, believe it or not, is from times from my cultural past
When I was a child with kids things on my mind, that wasn't allowed to last
It never came from big guys it came from kids like me
The words they used upset me but I'd never let them see
My dad and mum were wonderful, they taught me hatred free
They told me to stretch my hand to others no matter who they be
I'm so happy I can tell the world and let it know my parents past
Its great to come where I came from irrespective of my past

                        Gerrard McGeachy



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It`s Time

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