SWEETSWORDS 65 [ The fate of freak ] **

SWEETSWORDS 65 [ The fate of freak ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Trust in ALLAH,
But tie the camel.
Believe in the Taqdeer,
But bind the Amal.
Book of deeds,
And the ink of intentions.
Free will,
And compulsive actions.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
Trust in Allah,
But doubt the devil.
Because we won't be punished for our impulsive inquiry,
But for our intentional call.
Because our intuitional impulses develops within us,
Without our premeditated plan.
Nor we can we commit anything,
If Allah doesn't want it to be done.
Therefore we are punished because choices of our actions, And submitting to our will to commit it.
It is by submitting our intentions,
We under sign our heavenly writ.