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 Dear Nana

Dear nana...

It's been nine months since you've been gone,
The same time it takes a woman to become a mum,
The days, the hours since you were here,
The candle flickers when you are near.

The empty seconds of every day,
When I don't see your smiling face,
It feels like a cold day without the clouds,
The eerie feeling that is all around.

You're phone keeps ringing but you don't answer,
It rings on and on and forever after,
I wish so much I could hear your voice,
Telling me it's o.k. and I can move on.

My heart feels empty because I don't hear your laugh,
All I have are memories and one or two photographs,
Precious enough forever I'll treasure,
And those alone are my pleasure.

But I'd rather you were here with me,
To be proud of what I achieve,
But you're not you are gone,
And until we're back together I'll never be one

Vicki Wroe, 17 (C)

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