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And Brothers We All Are

     This is written to all the United States Air Force Security Police
     Past, present and future. God Bless you all.

                    And Brothers We All Are

          We all stood guard on some far away hill
          With blood of warriors coursing through our veins
          Standing within the shadow of death
          Maybe you dumped a full clip in fight
          Or humped your post without firing a shot
                    And Brothers We All Are
          What we share can not be taken away
          A bond so strong none can break
          Unlike so many we joined on our own
          Not running to Canada or waiting for the draft
          We choose our direction and stood it firm
                    And Brothers We All Are
          Now time has worked its magic we have turned old
          Tried hurting and worn to the bone
          Sick from what we have endured
          We now not wanting to be alone
          Have found our brothers from the past
                    And Brothers We All Are  

                                              Edwin Smith
                                             The Old Cowboy
                                                July 2007

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And Brothers We All Are

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