The Bloody Boat

               The Bloody Boat       March 8, 1985

The boat it sails tomorrow morn, a new land and life for me
No more  I'll have my parents, my friends or family
In just a few short years my life has changed, I'm now being sent away
For the old brigade I played my part, for this my life I pay
In this country born, tomorrow morn, an Irishman I die
At the hand of mother England, my life she does deny
Those years gone by, I wonder why, but never doubt the cause
How many more must follow me, before our people's free
This trip I make I still stand proud, I have my dignity
By the hangman's noose, my life must pass, I fought against the crown
My crime was loving Ireland, they'll never keep us down
The journey I face tomorrow is not the journey of my choice
I have no say, in this cruel way, my final hour draws near
I don't deny, though hard I try, I'll miss my country dear
My body trembles, I stand alone, inside these prison walls
I pray again and wonder, when that final moments here
Will I stand tall, above them all, and walk to death in fear
My eyes will see my people, though near me they won't be
When that final moment happens, my body will be free
No more I'll feel the pain, the struggle and the strife
The deadly rope around my neck has taken an Irish life
My boat has sailed, my journey past, my destination reached
As long as we keep believing, our freedom, it is our right
Many men will sail behind me, many men will take the fight
All we ask is freedom, in the land where we were born
No more this boat, this bloody boat, this boat of death must sail
No more the captain hangman, no more the bloody jail
We won't stand by and watch men die, on the emerald island shore
I pray my god as my life flies, this Bloody Boat must sail no more

                                                    God Bless Ireland
                                                  Gerrard McGeachy

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