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 Out Of Control

Children's Poetry

I pull my red wagon up a steep incline,
take my hands off and jump inside.
Half of me in...the other half out,
bump and race down the hill in doubt.

The red beast is out of control,
causes me to jiggle, toss, and roll.
Wound up like a rubber tire,
arms scratched and head in briars.

Round and round my body does surge,
the monster flies past me around a curve.
My body is not far behind,
feeling like it's going to unwind.

I'm going too fast to come to a stop,
a tire rolls fast and weighs a lot.
I'm catching up with the red beast,
his wheels screech to the beat.

I fly around him like I'm a sled,
if I don't stop this body...I'm dead.
I sort of like this rolling scene,
bushes, grass, and other things.

The monster is right on my tail,
he's nudging my body as I sail.
His handle gets hung in my hair,
ouch...ugh...I'm not fairing well.

We both make a real nice pair,
fly, roll, bump, through the air.
Jigging and tagging down the hill,
gee...this is fun...what a thrill!

No time for pains and scratches to hurt,
it's fun as we bump and jerk.
We don't see what lies a head,
watch out beast...ouch...this I dread.

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