ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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White Church teachings, hair straightening
And skin bleaching ... for these Masta
Gave permission ... signs of the slaves
He only forbade Islamic Teaching because
He knew Islam would liberate their minds.
Islamic Education is the route to salvation
To be sought from the cradle to the grave
All of that was striped from us when we
Were brutally forced to become the white
Man’s slave
Striped of knowledge of self ... future grim
No love of self ... only love of him
Hateful of self and kind ...
Un-willingly Black with a White made mind
The Slavers plan ... from way back in time
To traumatize, manipulate then controls
Our minds ... successful was he in his mission
A recipe prepared in Shaytan’s kitchen
Liberation will come through Islamic teaching ...
Not through pork-chop eating store front
Mental condition impaired beyond
Recognition ... striped of our African minds
Void of rational thought and cognition ...
Lost with no sense of respect for self or kind
Liberation through Islamic Education
Will indeed restore our minds

Abu Lateef


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